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Website of Prof. Martin Chaplin:


In my opinion, (says O. V. Mosin Ph. D), this is the best scientific site about water on the Internet, and it has collected virtually all the information about water and its properties (he has even counted 66 anomalies of water). Moreover Chaplin has suggested a water model different from Zenin’s model, based not on a dodecahedron, but on a icosahedron. There the methods for the construction of water clusters are described in detail.

Nowadays Martin Chaplin is a very popular scientist worldwide who studies the structure of water. His water model differs from Zenin’s model and is based not on a dodecahedron, but on a icosahedron. There the methods for the construction of water clusters are described in detail. Currently this is the most complete scientific site about water and its structure, and M. Chaplin himself is a scientist and researcher of water, widely known throughout the world.
A letter from O. Mosin with a link to our site o8ode.ru is published in the guestbook of M. Chaplin on his website.

Interesting article of V. Belyanin about the structure of water:

Researchers have discovered the golden ratio proportions in the morphological structure of plants, birds, animals, humans.

Regularities of the golden ratio are also found in the organization of inanimate nature. Based on analysis of water molecules in different aggregate states, this article voices the assumption that its structure in a state of “melted water” actually corresponds to the golden ratio triangle.

Here's another interesting and informative Canadian website about water in which the author discusses not only its structure, properties and anomalies, but also touches on concepts such as pseudoscience (English):


The waterfall in Teteven, Bulgaria. Photographer – Aleksander Ignatov.

The article of the Bulgarian Biophysicist Dr. Ignat Ignatov “Informativity of Water and Origin Of Living Matter. Bioresonance Effects”, acquaints the reader with interesting data confirming the information properties of water as guardian and transmitter of information:


The report was published in “Great Epoch” in 2006. The new things are the analyses of Masaru Emoto, the explanation of the Mpemba effect, the changes in the spectrum of water during an earthquake in Sofia, the new space achievements...

Studies of the properties of homeopathic solutions have one peculiarity. In the homeopathic solution the effect is influenced not only by the diluted substance and the potentiation, but also by a third feature that researchers do not report. The solution itself is potentiated in an electromagnetic device and electromagnetic fields indicate to the device an influence on the hydrogen bonds between water molecules. This means that this method of preparation of homeopathic solutions can not serve for the making of fundamental conclusions about informational properties of water (Dr. Ignatov).

The question of how long information is stored by the water molecules is controversial in modern science. On the other hand, water has a number of unique properties that allow it to store and disseminate information as a result of the external physical or chemical factor of influence. In a physical sense the correct term is “informationability” of water (Dr. Ignatov). Yet one can hardly explain the origination of living matter without this property (Dr. Ignatov).


Days of Mountain Water will be organized for the first time in the world in Teteven in 2010.


An article of Dr. Mosin about the Kirlian method for the research of water has been published on our website. /article/eng/engl/kirlian.htm

Dr. Ignatov’s CV: www.medicalbiophysics.dir.bg/en/ignat_ignatov_cv.html

See reviews of different scientists for the book of I. Ignatov “Energy Biomedicine - Origin of Living Matter”, “informativity of water”, bioresonance, biophysical fields. Reviews - here: www.medicalbiophysics.dir.bg/en/energy_biomedicine.html

DIFFERENT WEBSITES about water in English:

www.chem1.com/acad/sci/aboutwater.html Hydrogen chaos in ice crystals. Interesting English website about the structure of ice.

Interesting English website about the structure of ice with pictures:


Water nanoclusters - www.watercluster.com/

Why is water blue - www.dartmouth.edu/~etrnsfer/water.htm

Electronic structure of ionized water clusters - iopenshell.usc.edu/research/projects/water-clusters/