Oleg Mosin, Doctor in Chemistry

Kirlian Effect in the Study of the Properties of Water

The Kirlian effect in which a Kirlian aura is observed is called the plasma emission of light of the electric discharge. Kirlian effect is color coronal discharge in gas. The discharge is on the surface of the objects located in an alternating electric field with high frequency from 10 to 100 kilohertz. There occurs a surface interaction of 5 to 30 kW between the electrode and the object under research.

The Kirlian effect is observed like lightning or static discharge on all kinds of biological, organic objects, and also on various inorganic samples.

The principle of visualization of the Kirlian aura is quite simple. High alternating voltage is applied on an electrode with high frequency – from 1 to 40 kilovolts at 200–15000 Hz. The object itself acts as the other electrode. If the object is a person, it is not earthed. If the object refers to inanimate nature, it should be grounded. The two electrodes are separated by an insulator and a thin layer of air whose molecules undergo dissociation under the influence of the strong magnetic field that occurs between the electrode and the object. In this air layer located between the object and the electrode three processes occur.

The first process is ionization and the formation of atomic nitrogen, which at higher concentrations is harmful to the human body. It is therefore necessary to work in a well ventilated room with the Kirlian device.

The second process is the ionization of air molecules and the formation of ion current – corona discharge arising between the object and the electrode. The shape of the corona of light emitted, its density, etc., are determined by the electromagnetic radiation of the object’s light.

The third process is the passage of electrons from lower to higher energy levels and vice versa. In this passage of electrons light quanta are emitted. The energy of the electron transition from one level to another depends on the electromagnetic field of the researched object. Therefore, at various points around the object the electrons receive various impulses, i.e. they jump to different energy levels. This leads to the separation of light quanta of different length and energy. The latter fact is registered by the human eye or with color photo emulsion as different colors, which, depending on the object, may color the corona of the separated light in different colors.

These three processes as a whole give a general picture of the Kirlian effect, which allows the study of the electromagnetic field of the object. There are other principal registration schemes of the Kirlian effect, similar to those described in this site:

The effect of Kirlian was so named in honor of the Krasnodar physiotherapist Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina Kirlian who in 1939 discovered and patented a new method of photographing objects of different types via gas discharge. It allows to monitor the emission of light from atoms and molecules, which later received the name Kirlianography.

The Kirlians have called it skin-galvanic (or psychogalvanic) effect, which induces change in electric resistance under the influence of strong emotions. Currently this technique has become the basis of a new kind of photography, which is already called gas discharge, and the technique itself has received the name gas discharge photography according to the Kirlian method or Kirlianography or Kirlian Effect for short.

However, under the version of the Youth Technology magazine No. 11, 1983), the electrography effect was discovered in 1891 by the Belarusian scientist Y. O. Narkevich-Yodko and Kirlian has imported minor improvements in the instrument and has encroached another person’s discovery. According to the magazine, this happened in 1949 rather than 1939 (IUMAB - International Union of Medical and Applied Bioelectrography).

Indeed, the effect of the glowing of different objects, including biological ones, in electromagnetic fields of high voltage has been known for more than two centuries now.

As early as 1777, while studying electric discharges, the German physicist Professor Lichtenberg observed the typical fan-like glow on a powder-covered insulator. A century later the glow was fixed on a photo plate and received the name Lichtenberg figures.

In 1891-1890, the demonstration experiments of Tesla clearly exhibited the possibility of gas discharge visualization of living organisms. Tesla has obtained the photographs of the discharges by conventional photography. His studies were continued by Pogorelski in Russia and Navratilova in the Czech Republic.

At the end of that century in Russia, the then famous scientist and explorer Narkevich-Yodko, while conducting experiments with different electric generators, discovered a glow emitted by human hands in the field of a high-voltage generator and learned how to fix this glow on a photo plate. Using this device he has made electrographic photos of medals, coins, tree leaves. For this scientist 1882 became the year of recognition of his discovery. Narkevich-Yodko has called his method of photographing electrography. While carrying out his numerous experiments, he noticed the difference in the electrographic picture of identical parts of the bodies of people healthy and sick, tired and excited, awake and sleeping. He also predicted the possibility of using this method for determining the psychological compatibility of people.

Meanwhile at the other end of the world – in Brazil in 1904, the Catholic priest Landel de Morua created the first electrophotographic (electric discharge) camera and many photos were made with it. In 1930 in Prague Pratt and Schlemmer studied contact prints of various objects under electric discharge.

However, the complexity of the apparatus used then to obtain electrographic images and its objective danger prevented the widespread use of the method at that time.

After the death of Nordkevich-Yodko in 1905 and the emergence of new revolutionary situations in physics and society, these works have long sunk into oblivion. And only thanks to the Russian inventors, the Kirlian family, the method has been reopened in the late thirties.

For several decades the Kirlians have investigated the characteristics of the glow of different objects, having received more than 30 author's certificates for inventions in the field of electrography. Therefore, in current world literature the name EFFECT OF KIRLIAN has been established.

Semyon Davidovich Kirlian was born in Ekaterinodar (Krasnodar) on February 20, 1898 in a large Armenian family. Because of the impossibility to receive education, he was forced to work from an early age – as an usher, decorator, tuner, but the greatest was his interest in electromechanics. In 1923 Semyon Davidovich married a priest’s daughter, Valentina Hrisanfovna Lototskaya, who has worked as a journalist and educator. She became a faithful friend and helper in the work of her husband.

Photo: Semyon Kirlian with his wife Valentina Kirlian

Semyon Davidovich has devised many useful inventions. Urban typography has used the electric furnace created by him for the casting of fonts, and millers – magnetic devices for cleaning grain. His ideas for the creation of equipment for thermal treatment of products in the canning industry have proved very promising. Before the war Kirlian invented a system for electric screening of rooms with a shower for processing people who could have been affected by toxic gases. But the most important discovery, which has glorified the name of Kirlian worldwide, has revealed hitherto unknown natural secrets.

In 1939, Semyon Davidovich was appointed as master for the repair of electrical equipment in the urban hospital. After repairing the hospital physiotherapy apparatus, which used high-frequency electric current, he noticed a strange pink glow between the electrodes.

Kirlian decided to photograph the glow of a certain object in the field of high-frequency current. The first object, shot in this way was a coin. The inventor connected it to an electrode, put it on a photo reel, covered it with the second electrode and started a high-frequency current. Having made a print, Kirlian saw the photograph of the coin, a sliding discharge along its edges.

"To implement the concept, new knowledge was needed. Electronic optics had to be studied, optical photography to be understood, schemes to be drawn one after another. Unfortunately, the results of the first experiments were not "star clusters" but skeletons of fingers. There were involuntary thoughts lest “the roentgen” is playing tricks on us. But the experiments continued. The road to the “clusters” was thorny, it passed through a maze of schemes, burns, unexpected results, despair. It wasn’t about Her Majesty, the chance, but about a long and painstaking work. The work of penetration into an unknown world where the precious formulas of human health and longevity are buried.” (excerpt from the diary of Semyon Kirlian).

So the Kirlians discovered a window to a very unfamiliar world. Their work has been protected by twenty-one copyright certificates. They did not have the support of government institutions and have not received even a copeck for their research, but they have worked tirelessly, and have made attempts to penetrate deeper into this unknown world for the good of the country and the people, as Kirlian wrote.

Kirlian has placed different objects in the electric field, has captured without a camera the unusual glow, including the leaves of trees, his own hands. Based on observations, he has drawn the regularity that any living object placed in a high-frequency field is emitting a glow on the photo reel. The glow depended on the state of the shot object. One type of picture was received when the leaf has just been torn from the tree and then another after some time has passed. Also, the glow from the hands of healthy, ill or just tired men significantly differed.

Fig. Corona discharge on a key and on coins

Fig. Photograph of a torn leaf and a thumb in a high voltage field

Later, researchers found out that the intensity and configuration of the Kirlian glow depends on both the organism’s radiation and it electrical conductivity. This is determined by many parameters, including the psycho-emotional status of man and his nervous system.

Electrical conductivity (electro-conductivity, conductivity) – this is a value opposite to the electric resistance, expressed in Siemenses.

The relationship of the coefficient of thermal conductivity K with relative electrical conductivity is established by the law of Videman-Frans:

Where is the Boltzmann constant, and e is the charge of the electron.

The skin has particular biomechanisms performing important functions and associated with the internal organs through the nervous system ... We assume that in the presence of comparative tables with the pictures of the electrical condition of the skin in normal and pathological state, our method can be used as a tool for early diagnostics in medicine, animal husbandry... The wonderful world of discharges will be of great benefit to man, Kirlian wrote in his book In The Wonderful World Of Discharges.

Once workers from one of the institutes brought to the Kirlians two externally identical plant leaves. When they placed them in the field of high voltage, the inventors received different images on the photo to the great amazement of many. The contributors admitted that they have taken one of the leaves from a sick plant.

Subsequently, researchers reached the conclusion that the new method of testing detects diseases at an early stage of their development, not only in plants, but also in humans.

Later on the Kirlian effect has found application in the diagnosis of mental illness, the determining of the biological activity of medication, the appearance of signs of fatigue in operators, fatigue of athletes, in agriculture for the determining of seed germination and the mutual influence of different plant species, in mechanical engineering (fault detection), in forensics, parapsychology, defense industry and other fields.

The publication of Kirlian’s brochure In The Wonderful World Of Discharges was allowed as late as 1957 and caused a true sensation in the scientific world. And in 1975 Adamenko defended the first dissertation in Russia according to the Kirlian method. He believed electrons to be a key carrier of information about the biological and psycho-physiological state of living organisms and in his opinion the Kirlian photographs were an electronic image of a living person, not received in a vacuum, unlike with electron microscopes, but with atmospheric pressure or in gas with low pressure. Meanwhile, another famous explorer, the biophysics professor Inyushin from the Kazakh State University has built the bioplasm hypothesis to explain the Kirlian effect in bio-electro-photography.

Currently, the term "Kirlian effect" means visual observation or recording on tape of the glow of a gas discharge arising near the surface of the research object, then holding the latter in an electric field of high voltage.

The term bioelectrography is also applied n the description of the results of the study of biological objects, and in many cases the term kirlianography is used – registering the glow on photo material or another medium allowing to fix the image.

The process of photographing is conducted in a dark room or under a red light. On the device creating a high voltage field is placed a sheet of undeveloped photo tape that is sensitive to radiation. The studied object is placed on the sheet. It can be any object – a coin, a human hand, a drop of water, ice crystals, etc. While submitting high voltage, a gas discharge appears on the surface of the object, which is manifested as a characteristic glow around the object – a corona discharge, which illuminates the black and white or color photo or photo tape. After the development of the black and white photo paper, the brightest areas become dark, as is shown on the photograph. Since the thumb has touched the photo tape (the circle in the center), this place remains unlit.

Kirlian Spectra of Water

Nowadays, the gas discharge visualization method (Kirlian effect) is among the few methods for rapid, reliable and safe exploration of the physical, psychoemotional and energy human condition, for the detection of a disease long before its clinical manifestation and for the discovery of its root cause. It also allows to select appropriate methods of treatment and rehabilitation and to monitor their effectiveness.

Also, the gas discharge visualization method is very suitable for studying the bioenergy properties of water. For example, the figure shows the Kirlian auras of plain water and water charged by a biosensitive person. There are clearly visible differences between the two water samples. Besides, the Kirlian glow of the sample of charged water is 30 times greater than that of ordinary water.

Fig: Kirlian auras of ordinary water and of water charged by a biosensitive person. The figure is from the website Contemporary physics cannot explain the above change in water glow which, technically speaking, is a purely physical process involving an electrical discharge in the ionized air around the drop.

The main reason for this is that a great majority of scientists on Earth completely ignore our consciousness in their perception of Reality. Prof. Korotkov says that increasing the Kirlian aura around the water drop cannot be explained without taking into account energy and transmission of information. Water aura experiments give evidence that our mind, when properly trained, can actually change the matter. Experiments show that water is able to store, transmit and modify the information transmitted to it.

The Kirlian effect is actively used as a tool for studying the aura, the biofield, etc. Academic science has no theoretical justification for applying the effect in practical medicine. Some medical establishments use the effect to diagnose the general psychophysical state of man as well as manifestations of pathologies because the Kirlian spectra of healthy and ill people differ. Many Russian and foreign organizations produce equipment for gas discharge visualization, patented and certified by the Ministry of Health.

Photo Gallery on the Grounds of the Kirlian Effect

Bulgarian biophysicist Dr. Ignat Ignatov is a leading specialist in kirlianography. He is the creator of a new branch of medicine called bioenergy medicine.


From left to right the photo features:

• Dipl. Eng. Christos Drossinakis

• Dr. Ignat Ignatov

• Prof. Anton Antonov

• Prof. Marin Marinov

In the study of the Kirlian effect there are two famous Bulgarian names. In 1976 Prof. Antonov photographed the Kirlian aura of two teeth. The tooth with the weaker aura was extracted. The Professor introduced bioelectric parameters in the study of the effect:

Based on the fact that in the color Kirlian aura the green color is missing, together with Prof. Marinov, Dr. Ignatov created the electromagnetic concept of vision.

Prof. Antonov and Prof. Marinov have received their specialization in Dubna (Russia).

Under the author's methodic of Dr. Ignatov all colors of the spectrum are registered except the green color.

Dr. Ignat Ignatov

Dr. Ignat Ignatov was born on January 1, 1963 in the town of Teteven. In 1976 he described a phenomenon in which little apertures act like optic lenses. In 1989 he majored in physics from the Kliment Ohridski Sofia University and in the same year he began his professional work in the sphere of medical biophysics. As of 1996 he is an organizer of the Scientific and Research Center of Medical Biophysics (SRCMB). He is the co-author of a research for the biotreatment of ophthalmic diseases. He is also the co-author of a study for distant registration of biophysical fields, a laureate of many awards and medals in biophysics and alternative medicine. In 2007 Dr. Ignatov created a method for Color Kirlian Spectral Analysis. The main scientific direction of Dr. Ignatov is related to the research of water, "memory" of water and origination of living matter. Dr. Ignat Ignatov represents the EUHEALS project in Bulgaria in which 20 European countries take part. The project is headed by Dr. Harald Wiesendanger (Germany). The head of SRCMB is a consultant at the National Centre for Public Health.

CV of Dr. Ignat Ignatov:

You can find additional information about the author methodic at:, and for the colors in the Kilrian aura at

Here are some interesting results from the experiments of Dr. Ignatov with water and the Kirlian effect.

Kirlian image of mountain
Water, Teteven, Bulgaria water.html

The Kirlian auras of water droplets from the control sample (Fig. 1) and samples, which were influenced with biophysical fields by Eng. Christos Drossinakis (Fig. 2) (Dr. Ignatov, 2008)

Fig. 1 – Kirlian aura of the water drop from the control sample

Fig. 2 – Kirlian aura of a water drop from the sample after bioinfluence by a man

There are results with Dr. Ignatov methodic for Color Kirlian spectral analysis © with people:

Lieselotte Eder

Mandy Protze-Kälberer

Isabella Petri

Helmut Gebert

Richard Weitz

Enrico Bauer

The color Kirlian aura of Lieselotte Eder is with 100% discharge in the sphere of contact of the thumb with the photo emulsion. The color Kirlian photography is with a lot cyan (blue-green) like one of the possible indicators for living energy. This type of bioectrical aura is visible of Isabella Petri color Kirlian aura. Helmut Gebert has 100% violet color in his bioelectric aura. Mandy Protze-Kдlberer and Richard Weitz have color Kirlian auras with blue and violet colors. Richard Weitz is originator of Biobird method for cleaning of water.

Bioelectric auras of the healing stones of Eng. Tsolo Petkov© before and after their usage

(Dr. Ignat Ignatov, 2008).

It is extremely interesting that the electric aura of the stone worn by man is weaker than the aura of a stone ready for use. The aura of the first stone includes red, blue-green and pale violet colors (Figure 4). The second glows with blue and violet colors (picture 3)

The above mentioned stones of Eng Tsolo Petkov© also contain a small amount of water. The tests for the presence of water were performed in the laboratory of Eurotest Control, Bulgaria.

Prof. Konstantin Korotkov has become a leading specialist in kirlianography in Russia. He is the creator of a complex apparatus Corona-TV for the study of biological objects using the gas discharge visualization method with direct input of gas discharge images in the computer. This system allows to monitor the development of Kirlian images in real time scale in an ordinary, not dark room to be recorded, transformed, printed and stored in computer memory. And the developed software makes it possible to build the field of a person, to monitor its changes, as well as to quantitatively evaluate the image parameters for a clearer assessment of the developments occurring in the body processes.

The new generation of instruments designed for kirlianography use the latest achievements of the most modern technology – electronic schemes with a loop in the deep negative feedback of the last generation of microchips, optical fiber system to convert the image , television device with a charge connection of the matrix, digital video blasters. Modification of the construction and the software is constant.

Oleg Mosin, Doctor in Chemistry


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