Johann Grander is an Austrian who did not claim to be a scientist, yet claims to have developed a technique for imprinting "natural" and "vital" electromagnetic energies into water.

Grander claims to be able to restore water to its natural state, removing the influence of chemical contamination, electrical disturbances and even the "destructive effect of earth-orbiting satellites"---all with a small pen-like device used to simply stir water in a water glass.

According to Grander, the "effective operating principle" of the Grander Water system is the

"implosion of electromagnetic and subtle energy fields".

This waveform is claimed to be coming from the Grander "penergizer". He claims to be able to "restructure" water's physical and energetic properties by this simple stirring process. Most descriptions of the Grander process are full of exotic terminology which bears no resemblence to the rest of the scientific world.

His "revitalization" of "self" from "non-self" by water produced with this "PENERGIZER", is typical of New Age/occult doubletalk commonly found in non-Christian environments. Many organizations steeped in the occult, eastern religions and Kabbalistic spirituality promote this product.

Click HERE to get an idea of the types of organizations which promote the Grander products. Grander is highly effective in attracting groups with this type of world view.

Grander's products are promoted as being able to increase plant growth biomass, decrease the germination time for seeds, help biodegradability in septic tanks and grease traps and provide "an environment unsuitable for harmful bacteria such as E-Coli and Coliforms".

If this claim is true the device would be carried by every world traveller, military individual, missionary and emergency worker in the world. It would have been handed out after hurricanes, earthquakes, typhoons or other natural disasters to decontaminate fouled drinking water. Frankly, we haven't seen any of that happen.

Where was this "world reknowned" device after Hurricane Katrina, the Indonesian tsunami, Hurricane Rita, etc? I have yet to hear or see any documented use of this device after these natural disasters. If they worked as is being claimed, the Red Cross, FEMA and local emergency workers would have boxloads of these devices to hand out in the distressed areas.

Have you seen any of Grander's units being used to destroy dangerous bacteria and remove toxic chemicals in these environments? If you have, please let us know where that is documented and it will be presented here.

And why not? Well, all of these Grander claims come without peer-reviewed studies or technical confirmation. I think you can get the drift of this discussion. (I love the part about the eliminating the "bad electromagnetic influence" of earth orbiting satellites!)

We receive a lot of hate mail from individuals(obviously, spiritually and scientifically confused people) who criticize our analysis of this product. They, of course, offer no science to support Grander's technology but are upset that we bring this obvious lack of science to the attention of the public.

Most of these individuals seem to have deep occult or metaphysical beliefs as they find the Grander "subtle" energy concepts(as described at the onset of page to be consistent with their New Age or occult spiritual beliefs and to be on a par with verifiable science.

Their approach and that of other Grander supporters is quite similar to what we find with Masaru Emoto and his "altered water crystals" as discussed HERE. Why individuals who claim to have a Christian worldview would even come close to this "vibrational", subtle energy scam which is one of the backbones of anti-Christian New Age thought is simply unthinkable.

I am really glad these whacko people are not in the teaching profession, spreading their misguided garbage to fertile minds eager to absorb new and different scientific facts.

If Grander's technology had even a thread of verifiable science, and not only anecdotal commentaries, then it would merit more consideration and of course a more favorable review here and elsewhere within the professional water and science communities. The World Health Organization(WHO) would be handing it out in third world countries to alleviate bacterial problems in contaminated water. It is just not happening!

Most interesting is his claim of restucturing water clusters using basic tap water as a starting point. As noted elsewhere in this website, the creation of water clusters beneficial to health or to configurations which achieve any of the above noted results requires the presence of only a select set of ionic materials, not the general conglomerate of ions found in tap water.

This proof alone shows the basic thesis of the Grander process to be completely bogus. His supporters conveniently ignore this fact or simply don't understand the water clustering process.

I have observed what I thought were sensible, scientific professionals pour a glass of standard Seattle tap water and swirl the Grander pen in the glass a few times and then claim that the water has been returned to a "natural" state, eliminating all of the chemicals contaminants and disruptive electromagnetic characteristics of that contamination but now with all of the functional properties of what water really should be like in nature.

When I ask for proof of such restructuring, I got a combination of blank stares and agitated responses questioning why I would have the audacity to doubt that such a process is indeed working.

If this is science in action - let me get off the boat!

To repeat, we cannot in good faith provide a positive review of this device since we have yet to see any chemical or physical laboratory tests, conducted by independent laboratories or with scientifically acknowledged instruments and testing protocols which prove that any of these Grander claims are true.

Other water structuring processes such as hexagonal water and clustered water have undergone clinical testing(Lorenzen/Chang with diabetics HERE)and multiple examinations by several qualified scientists. Data from these tests are available both on the internet and the open literature. The Grander equipment fails to meet these basic requirements of scientific review and acclamation.

This technique is obviously very popular in Europe where as in most secular sections of society, verifiable science is treated as unimportant to the day to day activities of the populace.

Techniques such as the Grander process thrive in such dumbed down scientific environments(see "subjective validation" HERE)but fail to make the grade when presented to more discriminating societies where such claims are subject to laboratory procedures which determine whether such devices can produce tangible, repeatable results.

Unfortunately, it is devices(and promoters) such as this which provide fodder for the "skeptics" who thrive on decrying the veracity of all advances in functional water processing. It takes only a few items such as the Grander system to color the remainder of bonafide water processing techniques which are able to hold up under the bright lights of rigorous scientific inspection.

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