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Most of the water-cluster hucksters peddle "concentrates" that you add to your drinking water in
order to "cluster" or "uncluster" it (depending on which fable you prefer to
believe.) Johann Grander is an Austrian inventor who claims to have found a way to
"revitalize" water, changing its "inner structure" and returning "the water
molecules to a highly ordered state, making the water more stable." (What "more
stable" is supposed to mean is never made clear.) This transformation is supposed to
be accomplished simply by exposing the piped water to an "information field"
emanating from a sample of a perfected water that Grander prepares by an undisclosed
method. Grander water treatment involves a field effect generated by highly
structured water ("information water") developed by Johann Grander... The
information water passes structural information through its field to other liquids
nearby. The water which passes near the information water takes on a new structure
(is "revitalized"). This is supposed to work the usual magic of preventing scale
formation (and even removing existing scale), as well as reducing water surface
tension, killing bacteria and even improving plant growth, and increasing the
solubility of substances in water, although no convincing evidence for any of these
wonders is reported. How does this process work? According to one now-disappeared
sales site The subject liquid/water to be treated is channeled in an optimized
direction of flow along metal, hollow cylinders containing Grander's water
concentrate (obtained from one of the world's largest fresh water underground
aquifers high in the Austrian Alps, dated at 5000 years old, and enhanced by means
of an electromagnetic process). As the subject water moves through the unit, the
laminar (rectilinear) flow is divided into individual, turbulently moving partial
streams which, with intensive intermixing, improves the mean retention of the
bio-magnetic fields sourced by the water concentrate. As a result, an optimal
interaction is achieved between the special fluid and the liquid to be treated. This
process allows the tuning fork effect to occur (one vibrating tuning fork sharing
its vibration when brought into proximity to a second tuning fork), changing the
liquids specific set of waveform characteristics. The Grander Water acts as a
template for relational and organizational structure. [link] This is of course pure
meaningless claptrap that is likely to appeal only to the most science-challenged,
of which there are unfortunately far too many. The Grander site summarizes a number
of "research reports" of dubious quality, but provides no quantitative performance
data or references to the reputable scientific literature that would support any of
their fantastic claims which have nevertheless fooled the Austrian government and a
Russian scientific organization into awarding Mr. Grander medals for his "work".
According to this New Zealand Government Web page, a NZ court has fined a local
dealer of "Grander Living Water Units" for making false claims resembling some of
those quoted above.

Another company, based in Germany, makes what appears to be a similarly dubious product.

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