Scientist won trial at the "Oberlandesgericht Wien" (High Court Vienna,Austria)

Vienna (APA-OTS, 2006-09-06) - In a case that made national news, the High Court in Vienna, Austria, ruled in favour of Viennese biologist Dr. Erich Eder, after three years of trial. The Tyrolean company U.V.O., distributor of the GRANDER® products that supposedly "vitalize" water, had taken legal action against Dr. Eder as he had criticized their products as being "esoteric humbug".

Scientists and consumer protection organizations have known for long about the inefficacy of the Grander® devices: "It remains unexplained to me why these devices still are allowed to be sold. They obviously have no effect whatsoever", says Dr. Eder, an author and reviewer for the well-regarded scientific journal 'Hydrobiologia', and last year’s winner of the distinguished Science Encouragement Prize of the City of Vienna.

The final ruling of the Court: Dr. Eder is allowed to state that Grander technology and/or the Grander water are nothing but pseudoscientific humbug originating from esoteric ideas. Likewise, Dr. Eder's moral reproach of the fact that people suffering from serious diseases like boreliosis or cancer could be brought to trust the effects of the "miracle water" and do without urgently required medical treatment, was considered as justified.

Regarding a clear case of fraud, the Court regarded Dr. Eder's proof as insufficient, citing the Grander® distributor's three month free return "satisfaction guarantee" provided to the customers. Eder: "This part of the ruling is purely a legal technicality - I am proud of having cleared up this company's wrong allegations". Dr. Eder doubts that customers would recognize the inefficacy of the Grander devices fast enough for them to return them within three months.

Evidence put forward by scientific experts requested by the tribunal confirmed Dr. Eder's statement that no effect of Grander® water could be proven scientifically. The High Court has ruled in favour for Dr. Eder in a total of 88% of the claims. Recently in 2005, Grander® "technology" distributor Ecoworld NZ Ltd has been fined $60,000 in the Hamilton District Court for misleading people about the benefits of the Grander® water "treatment" system. The court also ordered compensation to be paid to consumers who purchased the product during the period under investigation. Dr. Eder: "I demand and explanation from the Austrian Science Minister, Elisabeth Gehrer: Why was Johann Grander, whose ineffective "invention" now has been officially ruled 'esoteric humbug', awarded with the Austrian Cross of Honour for Science? When will this distinction be revoked?"


Dr. Erich Eder
Department of Evolutionary Biology
Faculty Center of Zoology
Universität Wien
Althanstr. 14
1090 Wien - Vienna

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