Bioresonance as a physical phenomenon

Dr. Ignat Ignatov

Opinions of scientists:

The resonance phenomenon is well studied in physics. Science has not sufficiently objectified bioresonance. It is speculative to draw conclusions from bioresonance or quantum medicine regarding bioresonance. A statistically reliable analysis of the overall status of the human body cannot be made based on a diagnosis of several parameters. For bio-resonance therapy the question is debatable and remains open. Most objectively, the explanation of bioresonance is between emissions with a frequency comparable to the frequencies of water molecules. In bioresonance therapy the electromagnetic waves are outside this spectrum and evidence is required concerning the the precise nature of interaction. According to Draper, radiation energy influences tissues when it is absorbed by them. 

Absorption spectrum of water

Let us consider two instruments created by physicists and used in medical practice. These are nuclear magnetic tomography and thermovision.

Nuclear magnetic resonance


Nuclear magnetic resonance is a physical phenomenon (NMR), in which atomic nuclei with a spin other than zero react in a magnetic field. The nuclei absorb and re-emit magnetic fields at resonance due to the reorientation of the magnetic moment. The frequency of resonance depends on the magnetic field and the isotope. Based on this phenomenon, the magnetic resonance tomography has been established. The hydrogen atoms of water in the body are influenced with the help of a magnetic field. This is direct evidence of resonance in water of a biological system or bioresonance.
In 1983 the Russian scientists Yuri Gulyaev and Edward Godik studied the physical fields of biological objects. They registered electrical, magnetic fields, infrared thermal and radio thermal emissions, acoustic fields and optic chemiluminescence. The infrared thermal field was registered with the help of thermovision. At a wavelength of 9.7 μm, this field had maximum power. This wavelength was obtained at 36.6оС and at this temperature the skin emission was closest to the emission of an absolute black body.

Тhe basic bioresonance pique of bioresonance interaction among water molecules and biophysical fields is at 9.7 µm
Fig.: Eng. Vsevolod Yatsevich


In the book Energy Biomedicine, at a wavelength of 9.7 μm, a bioresonance interaction is demonstrated between biophysical fields and water molecules. At  9.7 μm bioresonance interaction between biophysical fields and visual analyzer tissues. Reliably different results have been achieved at a level of p<0,001 according to the criterion of Student for effects on the spectrum of water in modes of giving and taking  nergy to and from it. The frequencies of the bioresonance interaction are: from 2.2 to 2.4; 2.7; 3.1. 1013Hz. With a bio photon testing Fritz Albert Popp has proven a selective (bioresonance) absorption of electromagnetic waves by malignant tumors. The biophotons are with wavelength from 0.2 to 0.8 μm and frequency from 0.4 to 1.5.1015 Hz.