International Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of water, USA

 In 2012 Dr. Ignat Ignatov token part in International Conference on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of water, USA. Dr. Ignatov’s topicsare Origin of life and living matter in hot mineral water/Water inthe Human Body is Informational Bearer about Longevity. The co-autorof Dr. Ignatov is Dr. Mosin. The President is Prof. Gerald Pollack andtake part the Nobel holder Prof. Luc Montagnier, Prof. EmilioDelGiudice, Prof. Giuseppe Vitiello, Prof. Vladimir Voeykov, Dr.Beverly Rubik, Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova etc.

Origin of Life and Living Matter in Hot Mineral Water /Water in the Human Body is the Informational Bearer of Longevity

Ignat Ignatov, Scientific Research Center of Medical Biophysics, Bulgaria 

1. Origin of Life and Living Matter in Hot Mineral Water

In 2009 Ignatov carried out experiments with deionized mineral and sea water. The study was performed model biophysical systems. The experiments were made with spectral analysis of liquids with the DNES method of Anton Antonov. Cactus juice was studied too. Mineral water with calcium and bicarbonate ions from different springs was examined. The spectra of hot mineral waters were closest in values to the biggest local maximums of the spectra of sap.  Peaks were found at -0.1112, -0.1187, -0.1262, -0.1287 and -0.1387 еV. Similar amplitudes in the spectrum of sea water were observed at -0.1362 еV.  The evidence shown indicates that the origin of life depends on the properties and structure of water and also on additional conditions. Mineral water, which interacts with calcium carbonate, is closest to these conditions and has left a trace in plants with its structure and entropy. Next in line with regard to quality is sea water (Ignatov, 2010). In Bulgaria, the water whose spectrum is closest to water for the origin of life is the water in the Rupite. In 2009 David Ward described fossilized stromatolites in the Glacier National Park in the USA. He was studying microbes in Yellowstone National Park in USA. The microbes are forming stromatolites in hot water similar to ancient organisms. In 2011 Marie-Laure Pons studied some of the oldest rocks on the planet and found the mineral serpentinite. It was previously thought that the first living creatures evolved in geysers. In September 2011 Tadashi Sugawara also brought us closer to the secret that life has originated in hot water. He has created proto cells, which are similar to bubbles. In 2009 Armen Mulkidjanian and Michael Galperin claimed that: Тhe cytoplasm is rich in potassium, zinc, manganese, and phosphate ions, which are not widespread in marine environments, and have lower amounts of sodium ions than outside.  Oleg Mosin claimed that the water for the origin of life contains more deuterium molecules. Gerald Pollack and Jack Trevors have a hypothesis that the first cells on Earth have assembled in a hydrogel environment. 

2. Water in the Human Body is an Informational Bearer about Longevity

Aging is associated with accumulation of errors in DNA replication. In 1963 Orgel demonstrated that the accumulation of errors in protein synthesis increases exponentially with age. When considering the question of longevity, one has to analyze which are the areas inhabited by the largest number of long-lived people and what are the reasons for that. In the process of development of each organism, water plays an important part – a fundamental matrix of life with a structure, isotope composition and ability to store and transmit information.  Montagnier, Aissa, Del Giudice and co-authors researched the transfer of information from an aqueous solution of DNA molecules to water. From 1960 to 1965 the Russian scientist Berdishev studied centenarians in Russia. The research of Ignatov and Mosin considered the possibility of extending human life and reducing errors in transcription and replication of DNA in the synthesis of proteins depending on the water we drink. Analyses of water on the planet show that mountain water contains the smallest amounts of deuterium atoms in water molecules. In winter and early spring deuterium content is reduced. Studies were performed on a 1% solution of blood serum with the method of spectral analysis. Empirical blood serum samples were provided by Kalinka Naneva, Teteven Hospital, Bulgaria. The samples were divided into 2 groups of people between 50 and 70 years of age. The first group consisted of people in excellent health. The second group consisted of people in a critical state and suffering from malignant tumors. The research is carried out with statistical analysis. For the control group of healthy people the value of the spectrum of the largest local maximum is at -0.1387 eV.  Water in the human body has a spectrum carrying information about life. The influence of the deuterium atoms in water on the human body is rather on the spectrum and thence on the vital functions (Ignatov, Mosin, 2012). The studies included more than 1500 persons and demonstrated that Christos Drossinakis emits biophysical fields that cause alterations in the water spectrum at -0.1387 eV. His mother is 100 years old. There is clinical evidence with people and laboratory mice with water with different quantities of deuterium atoms. Drossinakis has the tests in over 80 Institutes in whole world.